AVK Australia Holding Pty Ltd

AVK Australia Holding Pty Ltd is a member of the AVK Global Group, a highly respected and leading manufacturer of quality valves and fittings for the global water, gas, sewage and fire protection industries. AVK Australia Holding Pty Ltd is responsible for the group's activities in the Australasian region, comprising Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Islands. 

Established in Adelaide in 1998, AVK is a leading Australian manufacturer of valves for the general civil and water industry markets with the majority of its production program based in Australia. The group has manufacturing operations across Australia. At Wangaratta, Victoria - couplings, repair clamps and tapping saddles are manufactured, then in Wingfield South Australia - valves and hydrants and at Currumbin, South East Queensland - fittings. 

Today, the AVK Australia Group is headquartered by AVK Australia Holding Pty Ltd and comprises of 5 operating companies; AVK Industrial,  AVK Valves, AVK Wang, AVK Currumbin, and AVK Complete Tapping Service.